Celebrating the Wonder of your Natural Body

Our dedicated team of professionals at our nonprofit center treats you as a whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

Revolutionize Your Women's Healthcare Experience

Guided by our dedicated Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in women's health

We're here to listen, understand, and work with the natural functions of your body.

We’re passionate about providing comprehensive and personalized healthcare services that meet your unique needs throughout your maternal journey. Unlike many medical centers, our focus is not on profit, but on you. We strive to understand and work with your body’s natural functions, offering care that’s genuine, empowering, and reassuring. We’re here to guide you on your journey, answering your concerns with evidence-based, reliable information, and offering support when you need it most.

Ensuring Accessible Care with Trusted Insurance Partners

Quality Care Within Your Financial Reach

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Comprehensive, tailored Services

for Every Stage of Womanhood

From well-women visits, initial prenatal care, STI testing, and beyond — our wide range of services caters to your every need. Backed by our in-house lab and ultrasound facility, we ensure seamless and quality care, every step of the way.

Well-Woman Health Services

Your Health, Our Priority

Our comprehensive range of women’s health services includes Well-Woman Visits, IV Therapy for Anti-Nausea, Patient Centered Sick Visits and Pap smears. We also offer fertility planning to check hormone levels, and IUD removal, ensuring you get the care you need at every stage of life. We are able to receive outside orders for blood work.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Care

Your Pregnancy Journey, Made Safer and Easier

From confirmation of pregnancy through our upcoming birthing suites, our specialist pregnancy and prenatal services are designed to provide you with the best care. We also understand that unexpected events can occur, and our dedicated team is there to support you with medical and counselling services for miscarriage and pregnancy loss, including abortion pill reversal.

Customized WELLNESS Services

Advanced Care Through In-house Labs & Ultrasounds

To provide you with the most comprehensive care, our in-house lab and sonography services are at your disposal. We offer ultrasounds, STI testing and specialized assessments menopausal care. For a memorable experience, you can also buy our ‘Hello Baby’ 3D/4D non-medical boutique ultrasounds, capturing the special moments of your pregnancy.

You got this. We're here to help.

Enjoy Benefits That Go Beyond Healthcare

Experience benefits designed to fit your lifestyle — whether it's our customized payment plans, access to low-cost/no-cost resources through our partnerships, or our guarantee for affordable, quality, and compassionate care. At Guiding Star, your wellbeing is our foremost priority.

Important Announcement

Due to some exciting growth and expansion of services coming soon, our office is closed all this week for staff training. We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to serving you with more services soon! In the mean time, please visit our friends at:

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