Embrace Natural Nourishment with Our Lactation Support

Expert guidance and support for your lactation journey

As a mother, the ability to feed and nurture your child is an empowering journey of discovery. Join us and explore the organic, evidence-based approach to breastfeeding with Guiding Star Southwest.

Your Breastfeeding Goals, Our Mission


Our lactation program features a variety of tools and resources to meet your unique breastfeeding goals. Dive into evidence-based information, get hands-on support from experts, and connect with other moms on a similar journey. Our services include:

Your Lactation Journey: A Path to Confidence

Elevate Your Motherhood Experience with Expert Care and Support

Embrace the transformative journey of motherhood with renewed confidence. At Guiding Star Southwest, our certified lactation counselors guide and support you through every step of your breastfeeding journey. From pregnancy to weaning, learn to trust your body’s wisdom and make informed decisions about your child’s nourishment.

Empowering Mothers, One Feed at a Time: A Military Mom's Breastfeeding Journey

Follow the journey of a military mom as she navigates the challenges of breastfeeding with the help of Guiding Star Southwest. Our lactation services turned her fear and uncertainty into confidence and pride, demonstrating the importance of timely, expert guidance. This is not just a testimonial, but a beacon of hope for any mom embarking on her breastfeeding journey. At Guiding Star Southwest, we believe in the power of motherhood and offer unparalleled support to ensure no mom walks alone.

Lactation Support: Your Path to Empowerment

Navigate Breastfeeding with Confidence, Knowledge, and Community

Prenatal Lactation CLASSES: Preparing for the Journey

Make Informed Decisions About Your Baby's Nourishment

Our prenatal lactation classes are designed to empower expectant mothers with insights about the breastfeeding process. From discussing the postpartum recovery to understanding the baby’s adaptation, these classes ensure you’re prepared for your breastfeeding journey. Pregnancy is the ideal time to learn about nursing before your little one becomes the center of attention. Register for prenatal classes here!

Postpartum Lactation CLASSES: Navigating New Challenges

Continue Your Lactation Journey with Confidence

Every month of breastfeeding presents a new adventure. Our postpartum lactation classes help you adapt to the evolving needs of your baby and shifts in your body. Whether you’re dealing with the introduction of solid foods or navigating the initial months of breastfeeding, these classes provide the support you need. Sign up for postpartum classes here!

Personalized Lactation Support: Tailored to Your Needs

Get One-On-One Guidance from Certified Lactation Counselors

Looking for a more personalized approach? Ask for a one-on-one session with our lactation team. Our certified counselors can provide guidance tailored to your unique circumstances, whether you’re expecting, postpartum, or navigating the early stages of motherhood.

Multiracial group of young women in circle smiling at camera together

Connect and Grow with Our Lactation Support Groups

Share Your Journey in a Supportive, Nurturing Environment

Join our free lactation support groups for a unique opportunity to connect with other breastfeeding mothers. Share your experiences, learn from others, and find comfort in knowing you’re not alone. Our groups are facilitated by Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants, providing a safe space for you to discuss concerns, celebrate successes, and navigate challenges.

You got this. We're here to help.

Take the First Step Towards Empowering Your Motherhood Experience Today!

Contact us today to register for our classes, schedule a one-on-one consultation, or join our support groups. Embrace the beautiful, organic process of breastfeeding with the support of our expert lactation team at Guiding Star Southwest. Start your journey towards a healthier, more liberating motherhood experience.

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