The mainstream medical community teaches women they are not enough in their natural state. The looping message is that a woman must suppress and alter the natural, normal functions of her body to fit within societal expectations. Standard protocols and procedures don’t take into account what is best for the whole woman’s health. Women and babies are the ones who hurt when the mainstream medical community puts numbers and protocol above lives.

An example of this flagrant disregard for the bodies and souls of women is the way the medical industry pushes the benefits of oral contraceptives while downplaying their risks. Did you know the World Health Organization classifies oral contraceptives as a group one carcinogen for breast, liver, and cervical cancer? (citation)

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women worldwide (citation). Yet despite this evidence, young teens who are still developing are routinely given such contraceptives, often for conditions (like acne) that can be treated without pills that alter systemic functioning.


We’re also concerned to see the sacred experience of birth ripped away from women and babies in many medical facilities. Rather than an intuitive, connected, safe transition for the birthing pair, there is unnecessary augmentation of labor, forcing of women to push while on their backs, and gross overuse of cesareans.

Not to mention the inappropriate way formula companies are allowed into the antepartum room to promote an artificial feeding method for babies who don’t require it.

And women looking for a guide as they face a crisis pregnancy often feel isolated and abandoned without resources. They’re made to believe that no matter their desires, abortion is their only feasible option. No one takes the time to help a woman connect to the resources she needs, or empower her with the message that she has the strength to be the hero of her story.


The Guiding Star Project centers and affiliates serve women with a whole-life approach that honors their bodies and their minds. We believe each woman is more than a number or a problem to be solved. She is a natural wonder. And she deserves healthcare that cares about her.

The Guiding Star Project is a nationwide family of care centers that empower women to understand, embrace, and love their natural bodies. We meet women on their individual journeys and welcome them into our community with a message of wholistic appreciation for fertility, childbearing, and family life.

Rather than punishing a woman’s body for its mystical ability to bring forth life, we honor it by
guiding women in understanding their powerful design and teaching them healthy Fertility Awareness-Based Methods.

And we provide one-stop access to services and resources that support women’s physical, mental, and familial health for a lifetime. Because though women are capable of being the heroes in their own stories, we all need a guiding star on this journey through life.


The Guiding Star Project takes a “wholistic feminism” approach — teaching women to recognize the greatness and the gift of femininity and helping them to function at their healthiest. We empower women by affirming and honoring their natural femininity.

Locally, we are working to bring these new comprehensive centers to the Borderland to serve women and families through upholding the Natural Law ethic, a way of life given to us by the Creator that is evident in the natural order of creation and human reason.

We believe:

  • In the inherent dignity of every human being, beginning with natural conception and ending with natural death.
  • That every life is unique, holds potential, and deserves celebration regardless of the circumstances of conception, status, or health
  • That life naturally begins at conception within women and requires a “yes” on the part of women to be realized. Therefore, women are at the heart of the Culture of Life.
  • In wholistic, women-centered solutions to the many challenges women face in our society today.
  • In each woman’s innate ability to nourish life, either physically or spiritually.
  • That fertility and childbirth are natural, healthy biological processes, and that knowledge of them empowers women.
  • That abortion and contraception interrupt natural, healthy biological processes.
  • That women should not feel forced to choose between their children and their education and/or career.
  • That our bodies were created beautifully and deserve respect, understanding, and care.


We will facilitate cooperation between many providers to better serve women and families in one convenient, professional, welcoming location. Each Guiding Star Center contributes to a long-needed culture shift that affirms the beauty and dignity of women and their families. Each center is led by community leaders who want to shift the cultural message from one of suppressing women to an anthem about the importance of every single soul on our planet and the threads that tie all of us together.

We seek to establish more Guiding Star Centers to:

  • Overcome all forms of violence, discrimination, exploitation, and injustice towards women and children
  • Provide opportunities for community-wide education and discussion on the many complex issues challenging a life-giving society
  • Create a space dedicated solely to the protection and promotion of life
  • Connect organizations that offer services that build up a Culture of Life by promoting emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial support for life-affirming choices
  • Guide women to practical alternatives to contraception and abortion, as our centers will neither provide nor refer for these measures
  • Support women with innovative services that honor Natural Law in difficult circumstances involving fertility, pregnancy, family life, medical treatments, and end-of-life issues
  • Provide special assistance to women and families experiencing an unexpected pregnancy
  • Educate and guide women and families in the natural process of life and fertility

Important Announcement

Due to some exciting growth and expansion of services coming soon, our office is closed all this week for staff training. We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to serving you with more services soon! In the mean time, please visit our friends at:

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