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Because no woman should ever fear her natural body. fertility. pregnancy. childbirth. lactation. motherhood.


Body Awareness

Fertility & Family Planning

Understand your natural body and achieve or avoid pregnancy organically without pharmaceutical drugs or invasive devices.

Prenatal Care

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Pregnancy and birth is a sacred experience for mother and baby that should be safe and intuitive rather than unnecessarily altered.

Beyond Birth

Breastfeeding & Postpartum

Lactation is a healthy and natural superpower to celebrate and we can help you accomplish your breastfeeding goals.

Well-Woman Support

Motherhood & Wellness Care

Now offering pap smears, blood work, miscarriage support, abortion pill reversal, and more with
in-house childwatch.

Think you might be pregnant? We're Here for You.

Guiding Star Southwest provides compassionate, professional support for women navigating unexpected pregnancies at no cost. Discover our services including pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and more. Empower yourself with knowledge, explore your options, and experience care designed for your unique journey.

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Due to some exciting growth and expansion of services coming soon, our office is closed all this week for staff training. We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to serving you with more services soon! In the mean time, please visit our friends at:

Westside Pregnancy Center

Pregnancy & Fatherhood Solutions

CareNet Las Cruces