Embrace Your Natural Fertility

A Green, Organic, and Liberating Way to Understand and Manage Your Fertility

Discover a healthier, more wholesome approach to your fertility. Join us at Guiding Star in empowering women with the knowledge of their natural fertility and its crucial role in overall health and wellness.

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Natural Fertility and Family Planning

Getting Back to Basics

Harness the Power of Your Fifth Vital Sign

Your menstrual cycle is so much more than a monthly occurrence; it’s a vital sign of your health. Guiding Star supports you in understanding and embracing fertility as a natural biological process. By educating women on their bodies’ functions, we empower them to take control of their health and advocate for their reproductive rights.

Artificial hormones and contraceptives may be the norm in today’s health care, but they are not the only options. Learn about natural fertility tracking methods that work harmoniously with your body, addressing root causes of health issues rather than simply applying a “band-aid” solution.

The Freedom of Natural Fertility Tracking

Embrace Your Body's Rhythm - Naturally and Effectively

Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs) offer a scientifically proven, effective alternative to artificial contraceptives. Not to be confused with the outdated "rhythm method", FABMs allow you to understand and track the natural patterns of your body, reaping the benefits of:

Begin your journey with trusted and researched FABMs such as:

Cervical FLUID Methods

Read Your Body's Natural Fertility Signs

Cervical Fluid Methods empower you to read and interpret the daily changes in your cervical fluid/mucus. These methods, including the Creighton Model and Billings Ovulation Method, provide valuable insight into your fertility cycle and are proven to be scientifically reliable. By observing and charting the presence or absence of cervical mucus, you’ll gain a greater understanding of your body’s natural rhythms and its times of fertility and infertility.

Sympto-Thermal Methods

A Comprehensive Approach to Fertility Tracking

Sympto-Thermal Methods offer a more comprehensive approach to fertility awareness by combining multiple signals. By monitoring and charting daily signs such as basal body temperature and cervical fluid, you’ll get a more nuanced understanding of your fertility. The SymptoPro Fertility Education and Couple-to-Couple League methods provide a holistic view of your fertility cycle, allowing for more precise avoidance or planning of pregnancy.

Sympto-Hormonal Methods

Modern Fertility Tracking for the Modern Woman

Embrace the cutting edge of natural fertility methods with Sympto-Hormonal Techniques. These methods, like the Marquette Model, combine traditional observation of fertility signs with modern technology. Using an electronic fertility monitor to measure reproductive hormones, you’ll be able to chart your fertility patterns accurately on a daily basis. This is great for busy and breastfeeding moms, and give you the tools to manage your reproductive health proactively, offering a straightforward, scientifically backed approach to your fertility.

Ready to Take Control of Your Health?

Start Your Natural Fertility Journey Today!

Embrace your natural fertility by learning more about our in-person or online classes. Contact us today to explore the variety of Fertility Awareness Based Methods available and find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Take the first step towards a healthier, more organic approach to managing your fertility.

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